Project Description

LIVE preview:

The desktop homepage from is newly redesigned. We were asked to make a Mobile Version that also keeps the structure, navigation, content and the Corporate Identity with different colors. The RESIDENZ Hotel has also new 360° Panoramas made. It was a priority to make this new virtual Tour also work in all smartphones with different operating system. The content (text and pictures) from the Mobile Website should  synchronize with the desktop homepage which means in both versions would be the same content. Also SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation) should be done by the agency. The budget for this project was limited and should include “Full-Service” from the agency to.

After research and discussing this internarly we decided our“Business Mobile Homepage”package would be perfect!  Even the price for the package: setup (one time fee)  € 1.050 and service costs for a year € 490 was in the budget. We needed about 3 weeks to realize this project.
We started with the structure; 20 pages. The design was  made according the Corporate identity and a dynamic menu for the navigation in the Mobile Homepage was programmed. The layout was set as: Header area on top, Footer area on the bottom from each page, with in between the content area. In the header we placed also important “Action Buttons” in this case a Click-to-Call button and a Booking button. In the content area we placed text but also multimedia elements like a picture slider, picture galery or video. In the footer we realized some more buttons like Google Maps or Share button. The automatic redirection brings every smartphone visitor directly to the Mobile Homepage. Important statistics like; how many visitors were on the Mobile Homepage or how many calls were made with the “Click-to-Call” button, are also included. The virtual tour is functioning in every smartphone with Flash. Also on the iPhone (html5) the 360° panoramas are working really good without an extra plugin or without installing an APP! As SEO is always changing and is a very dynamic process it is also done by us and included in the yearly costs.