Project Description

LIVE preview:

Hotel Sonnenhügel in Bad Kissingen is a three star  family – wellness  hotel. Since their new homepage with many actual arrangements, the bookings over the homepage increased substantially. The statistics over the last 6 months showed that more and more visitors where coming on the homepage with a smartphone (15 – 20%). It was decided quickly; a mobile optimized homepage became a priority. Important was to keep the Corporate Identity as well as the structure, navigation and the content from the desktop homepage, including the arrangements.

Since this homepage has a structure from about 55 pages plus 20 arrangements we decided our “Premium Mobile Homepage” package would cover everything needed.

Because of technological progress in the internet and the interesting offer for a mobile site for our hotel Sonnenhügel by Yolo-Mobile, we decided to realize a mobile homepage optimized for smartphones. The development process, including concept, design, layout, programming and consulting was extremely efficient. As a hotelier, the mobile site is always actuall with little additional effort thanks to the complete service package from Yolo-Mobile.”
Christine Oßwald - Marketingleitung, Hotel Sonnenhügel