The Yolo-Mobile Team

We are a team of creative and commercial people that came together because of our interest, passion and experience in mobile homepages and the mobile revolution in general. We are programmers, grafikdesigners, developers, salesmen, managers and strategists focussing on the succes for your Mobile Homepage. We have calculated: Together we have 37 years experience in creating mobile homepages. We know what we are doing!

Who is Yolo-Mobile?

Our Company Mission
Many businesses are not delivering an engaging, mobile-friendly experience. That lackluster mobile presence is having a much greater impact than most business owners realize. We are there to bring clearness in this jungle. We are in front of the mobile revolution to serve our clients.
The Yolo-Mobile Philosophy
We deliver newest programming and userfriendly mobile homepages for small and bigger companies. For small and bigger budgets. For best results!
The Yolo-Mobile Promise
Mobilize your website. Maximize your business. Start today!
According to Google’s GoMo initiative — a project designed to educate businesses on the importance of developing mobilefriendly websites — 52% of customers who have a poor experience with a company’s mobile website are unlikely to re-engage that business. And 55% say that a frustrating experience on a mobile website negatively their opinion of the company overall. In other words, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Our Crazy Skills

Individual Web Design 93%
Usability / Userfriendly 95%
Automatic redirect 94%
Auto-Sync 90%